Giving up the news seems to be a trend these days. Many people claim it’s too stressful or causes anxiety and therefore shouldn’t be given any attention. However, being informed about current events is essential.

The news keeps us informed. To be a responsible citizen, it’s critical to know what’s going on in the world. The news is what keeps us abreast of any significant policy changes or foreign affairs. By cutting out the news, you’re cutting out a whole wealth of information about the world.

The news is also the first place to turn when an emergency occurs. It keeps you aware of any forecasted blizzards or hurricanes and lets you know how to keep yourself safe during the crisis.

The news helps us to see another perspective. People from all backgrounds and political parties pursue careers in journalism.  By reading opinion columns, it helps us to understand the world from a new angle. Reading news written by people who hold opposite views than yours help you to have a broader understanding of world issues. If you only read news that affirms your already-held beliefs, you get stuck in a filter bubble.

Regularly reading the news forces you to confront your own ideas of the world. When the news is saying something that conflicts with your beliefs, you have to examine your own beliefs and determine if they are something you still stand by, or if seeing a certain news story has made you change them.

If you get all of your news from social media sites, like Twitter, follow a few accounts that share different political views than you. This forces you to view current events through a different lens.

Reading the news helps us to witness history. Every day, monumental things happen throughout the world. By staying informed of the news, you get a front-row seat to watching history be made. News media allows us to travel the world and bear witness to events and images you otherwise would never see.

While the news isn’t always full of happy and feel-good stories, it is important to stay informed of what is happening in the world. Having the proper knowledge helps us to make better decisions.