Though the two may seem similar, giving a radio interview is much different than a television interview. Without the audience getting to see you physically, you have to rely on speaking and making sure everything comes across clearly without the reliance on body language. If you have a radio interview coming up soon, follow these tips to ensure you make a good impression.


Stick to shorter answers

Always giving long-winded answers to the host’s questions leave no time for follow-up questions. A listener most likely doesn’t want to hear a guest ramble on for five minutes about a topic they may not care about. Try to keep answers to 30 seconds or less, and end responses with a declaration, so the host knows you’ve finished answering.


Use simple language

If you’re a guest on a radio show to explain a complex topic, learn how to speak about it in a way that’s digestible for the general public. If no one understands what it is you’re talking about, people won’t listen to the station for very long. If you need to practice explaining complicated ideas in simple terms, try explaining it to friends and family members first and make sure they can follow your train of thought.



Yes, it’s a radio interview, and no one is going to be able to see you smiling, but the tone comes across in your voice. The audience will be able to hear the tone shift in your voice if you smile while you speak. It will help you to sound brighter and happier. The audience can also hear the difference in your voice when you’re enthusiastically answering the questions and using hand gestures to articulate what you’re saying.


Plug away

More often than not, you’re taking a radio interview to promote something, whether that’s a new book, a television show or a new business venture. Don’t trust the radio host to make the plug for you. Sometimes they might, but you should be prepared to promote your involvement on your own. Prepare a short list of talking points so you can succinctly explain what you’re promoting and make the audience excited about it.


While a radio interview is a daunting task, using these tips will help you to ace your next appearance.