When Scaramucci first appeared on the horizon, most people couldn’t believe he was real; it was like somebody took the worst parts of “Jersey Shore” and “Wolf of Wall Street” and put them into one person.  But just as quickly as he strutted onto the stage with braggadocio to spare, “the Mooch” was gone.  

Scaramucci 5 fingers

In this photo, Scaramucci counts to five, coincidentally half the number of days he stayed in office.

Ultimately, the hedge fund executive overestimated his value to the Trump camp, as evidenced by his over-the-top “New Yorker” interview filled with derogatory comments about other White House staffers.  The Mooch didn’t seem like somebody to take orders from anybody, and sure enough balked when he learned that he had to answer to the new chief of staff, John Kelly.  His tenure as communications director was just 10 days, the shortest in the position’s history.

While Scaramucci may have been ousted before Saturday Night Live had a chance to lampoon him in a “Jersey Shore” crossover, he’s thankfully not going anywhere.  Instead of spending time with his five children or opting to save his marriage to wife #2 (they’re currently separated), Scaramucci has taken to Twitter, blaming his premature demise on reporter Ryan Lizza, who published the New Yorker piece about him.  He’s compared Lizza to Linda Tripp, who taped conversations with her friend Monica Lewinsky where she revealed details of her affair with Bill Clinton.  

Of course, that might be a little different from what actually happened, and in interviews, it’s safe to assume that what you say is going to get repeated.  Since Scaramucci was fired before he could get officially sworn in, or before Spicer officially left the role, Spicer is currently in a sort of gray area over who is going to take over when he officially ends his term later this month.  I wonder who will replace him!