Social media. We all have it, but sometimes we can get caught up in just posting things and not realize that something that shouldn’t have been put out there is now online. Your social media accounts are an extension of you and what you post can heavily influence what your prospective employer thinks of you before you even sit down for an interview. Below are a few common mistakes that people make on social media that can be easily avoided.


Mistake 1: You’re inactive on social media or your profiles are private

Simply signing up for a social media profile isn’t going to cut it. Being active on different social media channels shows that you know how to engage with an audience. Social media allows you to build a personal brand, engage others, create content and show your ability to network. This is your chance to show your future employees that you’re the full package.


You can also hurt your chances at the job if your profiles are private and you can’t be found through a simple search. To your future employer this looks like you’ve got something to hide or nothing to show which will lower your chances.


Mistake 2: Not keeping your professional life separate from your personal life

When it comes to professional and personal lives, the lines are getting more and more blurred thanks to social media. It’s important to keep your public interactions professional regardless of the social media account you are posting on. Remember, never post anything you wouldn’t want your current boss or future employer to see. You should also always assume that your posts will be seen regardless of your privacy settings.


Mistake 3: Dragging your previous company through the mud

At some point in your career you could be fired whether you see it coming. This situation will always be emotional and can lead you to do things that you might regret later. Posting reviews of the company on job hosting websites like Glassdoor and LinkedIn can be red flags for your next employer. Even if your post is intended to be funny, things posted on social media can be misconstrued. Diminishing your previous employer can hurt your chances at job prospects moving forward.


Mistake 4: Posting photos of yourself drinking or using drugs

Sometimes we need to be reminded that we do not need to post every single thing we are doing on social media. Posting images and updates that reference or focus on partying, drinking and illegal actives shouldn’t be shared on your profiles. A simple Google search of your name can reveal all of your social media profiles and you can instantly lose the chance at a job because of the content you are posting.