I’m not Catholic, but I do recognize and respect that Catholic schools are, well, Catholic.  And who is one of the central figures of Catholicism, and Christianity as a whole?  Jesus.  While I don’t agree with tearing down Confederate statues on public property, I do at least understand (or try to) where the other side is coming from.  But do you know what makes no sense?  One independent Catholic school in San Anselmo, California, San Domenico School, has opted to remove statues of Jesus and Mary from their campus so as not to offend their non-Catholic students.  

If you go to a Catholic school, and you’re offended by statu

Buddy Christ

In the film “Dogma”, the Catholic Church tries to rebrand itself as “hip” through a new mascot, “Buddy Christ”. It was pretty ridiculous, but at least he was still Jesus.

es of leading Catholic figures, then you should probably change schools.  It’s an independent school of course, but is still affiliated with the Catholic Church.  But looking at the school’s website, there’s little mention of Catholicism, apart from the fact that the school was founded by the Dominican Sisters.  This sounds like some kind of step to secularize the school and attract a non-religious crowd, but also doesn’t that kind of defeat the purpose of religious education?  Catholic education in particular.  

In the 19th and early 20th century, a large number of Catholic immigrants arrived in America from Ireland, Germany, Italy, Poland, Canada, and other countries.  For many of these groups, Catholicism represented an important aspect of their culture and identity.  In the communities where they settled, many of these groups started their own, Catholic schools, viewing them as an alternative to what they considered Protestant-leaning public education.  To remove these symbols to be more “politically correct” is to disregard this heritage, which I quite frankly find more offensive than a statue of the Virgin Mary.