A Catholic School Without Jesus?

I’m not Catholic, but I do recognize and respect that Catholic schools are, well, Catholic.  And who is one of the central figures of Catholicism, and Christianity as a whole?  Jesus.  While I don’t agree with tearing down Confederate statues on public property, I do... read more

The Politics of Silicon Valley

As one of the centers of the modern tech revolution, Silicon Valley and the tech industry have a growing economic power that could readily translate to political power.  While the tech world has typically been pretty aloof when it comes to politics, this most recent... read more

McCain is a Fighter

John McCain may be a controversial figure, and has certainly made his fair share of blunders over the course of his life, but at the same time, the man is a badass.  In Vietnam, McCain broke both arms and a leg when his plane was shot down, nearly drowned in a lake,... read more

Scaramucci Gone For Good?

When Scaramucci first appeared on the horizon, most people couldn’t believe he was real; it was like somebody took the worst parts of “Jersey Shore” and “Wolf of Wall Street” and put them into one person.  But just as quickly as he strutted onto the stage with... read more

Voter Fraud in Virginia

Through most of the 19th century, “machine politics”, as epitomized by the infamous Democratic-affiliated Tammany Hall, dominated New York City.  While organizations like Tammany helped empower the Irish who came to New York en masse during the 19th century, they were... read more

Trump Is Everywhere

Do you ever track the “trending” sidebar on your Facebook news feed?  You’ll see a lot of stories: Bartolo Colon joining the Braves, a news reporter reciting the longest official place name in Europe (the Welsh village... read more

Comrade Bernie’s New Foe

I’m never going to vote for Bernie Sanders.  Not only is he pretty old (liberals who made fun of McCain’s age conveniently forget that he was older than Jack was when he ran for President back in ‘08), but also his political views are pretty darn far-removed from... read more

Why Millennials Don’t Go to Church

I’m a Christian millennial.  But you know what?  I’m in the minority.  According to one study, just 20% of Americans under 30 believe attending church is important, and 59% of them raised in a church have dropped out.  Most of my peers spend their Sunday mornings... read more

Scandal in Belgium

In the past month  or so, Belgian politics have been shook up with a corruption scandal that would make even Nixon turn up his nose.  News last month broke that since 2008, Brussels Mayor Yvan Mayeur and an ally had each collected over 100,000 euros for meetings that... read more
The North Korea Debacle

The North Korea Debacle

Sometimes I forget that North Korea is real.  It’s such a ridiculous country, where a totalitarian dictatorship based on a cult of personality has been taken to a level that even Stalin would think is too much.  Did you know, for example, that when the late Supreme... read more