does anybody like Comey by Nelson LewisThe GOP establishment has had a tough and mixed relationship with Trump.  During the Primaries, everybody from Rubio to Romney to Ryan took jabs at him.  Yet despite every way they tried to impede Trump, he was a powerhouse that couldn’t be stopped, so with a few notable exceptions (looking at you, Kasich), the Republican establishment, even some of his more vocal critics, have cast their lot with him.  Still, it felt like it was a temporary thing, and that Trump’s supporters would run for the hills the minute a big scandal reared its head.  But red is one color that doesn’t run.  Just look at the liberal witch hunt going on with Comey now.

It seems like nobody likes the former FBI Director James Comey.  In the leadup to the Election this past November, he reopened the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email scandal.  The left was furious that Comey had “stirred things up”, and were calling in strained screams for his head on a platter.  Fast forward to last month, when Trump fired Comey in the leadup to his investigation of Trump’s ties to Russia.  Suddenly, the Dems who a few months earlier wanted Comey fired were beside themselves that Trump did just that.  I suppose Trump can’t win with those guys, can he?  Because the Internet is where the world goes to overreact, the liberals of my Facebook news feed were speculating that this spelled the end of Trump’s Presidency.  

The GOP establishment has had plenty of opportunities to throw Trump under the bus during this Comey scandal.  But what’s amazing, and speaks volumes to the loyalty of the party, is how they’ve instead rallied in support.  Still, their support does come across as a bit patronizing, with Ryan explaining that Trump is “new at this; he’s new to government”.  One thing they’ve pointed out, and that’s been a “yuge” part of Trump’s appeal, is that Trump’s not a “conventional” politician, who thinks nothing of doing things his own way.  Still, not every Republican is supporting Trump; McCain, still tr that he lost to Obama in 2008, teamed up with Chuck Schumer to ask for a 9/11-style panel for the whole investigation.  

Following Trump through his Presidency has been interesting experience.  But one thing that I can say is that he’s surrounded himself with people who aren’t just capable, but loyal.  So I’ve got a good feeling that together they’ll be able to get through this.