To some people, a career in media can look like a ticket into all of the award shows and exclusive after parties. To others, it’s a start to a long career doing something they love. The media landscape is constantly changing and it changes how things are done or how certain issues are handled. Whether you are just starting out your career or looking to make the next step, the following myths can help diminish some of the things you’ve heard.


Myth 1: College does not determine how successful you will be

Your future career is not determined by the college or university you attend. Your success throughout your college years is ultimately about you, your drive and your willingness to learn. Attending a top university does not automatically make you better or more qualified than someone who is attending a small rural university or college.


Myth 2: You should hold out for the perfect job

False! If you are hearing this from someone, ignore it! You should be working to get your foot in the door at a good company and working your way up, or you should be taking jobs in your field that will allow you to gain experience. It’s more important to work for the right company instead of having the perfect job. Working for a reputable company helps to give you instant credibility and will provide you with career opportunities internally. In the vast landscape of the media world, your next job could come from the company you are already at.


Myth 3: It’s all about who you know

While it helps to know people throughout the industry, that does not always mean that they will be the people to help you land your next job. Let your accomplishments and skills be the thing that helps you advance. Associating yourself with the wrong individual could hurt your chances of advancing at your current job.


Myth 4: You’ve got nothing to offer but a lot to learn

While you should soak up as much information as humanly possible when starting a career in media, it’s also important that you share information or new ways to do things with the people you work with. This is vitally important if the company you are working for is trying to engage new audiences to remain current. Sharing ideas could lead to the next big break at your job but also in your career.