If you’re someone who has been working in the media industry for twenty years, or if you started just last week, there’s always more for you to learn. Continuing to learn and hone your craft is what makes someone a good employee. To stay up to date on the most important topics in the media and journalism industry, here are five podcasts you need to start listening to.


On the Media

On the Media is a weekly radio show and biweekly podcast hosted by Brooke Gladstone and Bob Garfield. The show examines how the media and news coverage determines how we view the world. On the Media looks at tough issues with a lens of honesty and transparency. Some recent topics include the Julian Assange arrest, the New Zealand Christchurch Mosque shooting, and the ongoing opioid crisis.


The Kicker

The Kicker is a podcast created by the Columbia Journalism Review. The CJR strives to be a leading voice in the rapidly changing world of journalism. Their deep reporting is a must-listen for anyone working or relying on the media industry. Different staff members of the CJR, from the managing editor, staff writers and editors, interview various guests on an important topic in the news. The most recent episode featured Aliya Iftikhar, the Committee to Protect Journalist’s Asia research associate, discussing the unsolved assassination of Shujaat Bukhari, the editor of Rising Kashmir.


The Tip Off

The Tip Off is a British podcast that goes behind some of the best recent investigative journalism. They talk to the journalist behind each piece of work to dive into the behind the scenes work, like gathering leads, dealing with dead ends and the ultimate tip off. For those fascinated by the detective work that investigative journalism requires, this podcast is a must-listen. Recent episodes discuss topics like antibiotic-resistant superbugs and a story of international fraud centered at one London address.


The BBC Academy Podcast

The BBC Academy Podcast is the perfect listen for any media newbie looking to learn more about the industry. The podcast teaches listeners about how to do a number of essential tasks related to media. From producing a podcast to data journalism to editing a documentary, the podcast provides the necessary information to elevate your skills and excel in your career.


The Media Show

Hosted by the BBC”s media editor, Amol Rajan, this podcast touches on a broad range of topics dealing with the current media revolution. Some recent topics include how to fight fake news, the implications of Scotland’s The Herald eliminating daily leader columns, and why so many radio shows are getting canceled in the UK. While some of the episodes are focused on topics specific to the UK, their impact is far-reaching.


#mediabuzz with Howard Kurtz

I’ll never forget former Washington Post reporter Howard Kurtz’s wonderful piece on Megyn Kelly in 2008, where he mentioned then senior producer Tom Lowell’s ability to get Megyn animated by talking in her ear. That was the first time I had ever read Kurtz’s byeline, now a commentator and host on media coverage for Fox News Channel who has a great for-pay weekly podcast. On the podcast, Kurtz discusses the latest happenings in the media. The small pricetag is worth it to be able to hear this commentator’s take on current events.