Comrade Bernie’s New Foe

I’m never going to vote for Bernie Sanders.  Not only is he pretty old (liberals who made fun of McCain’s age conveniently forget that he was older than Jack was when he ran for President back in ‘08), but also his political views are pretty darn far-removed from... read more

Why Millennials Don’t Go to Church

I’m a Christian millennial.  But you know what?  I’m in the minority.  According to one study, just 20% of Americans under 30 believe attending church is important, and 59% of them raised in a church have dropped out.  Most of my peers spend their Sunday mornings... read more

Scandal in Belgium

In the past month  or so, Belgian politics have been shook up with a corruption scandal that would make even Nixon turn up his nose.  News last month broke that since 2008, Brussels Mayor Yvan Mayeur and an ally had each collected over 100,000 euros for meetings that... read more
The North Korea Debacle

The North Korea Debacle

Sometimes I forget that North Korea is real.  It’s such a ridiculous country, where a totalitarian dictatorship based on a cult of personality has been taken to a level that even Stalin would think is too much.  Did you know, for example, that when the late Supreme... read more

What We Can Learn From Poland

I can hardly turn on my Facebook these days without hearing something about a terrorist attack in Europe on my newsfeed.  Paris.  Manchester.  London.  Munich.  It’s awful, because they’re so frequent that it’s easy to become numb to them.  Most of these seem to have... read more

Scalise Shooting

The weather is getting nicer, and now that the summer is in full swing, it’s time to get down and enjoy a baseball game.  Of course, now that means you run the risk of getting shot at, which is what happened to House Majority Whip Steve Scalise along with four other... read more

Did Shakespeare Go Too Far?

Over 400 years after he first put pen to paper, people love their Shakespeare.  Even if his language isn’t always easy to understand (shocker, the English language has changed a lot since Shakespeare was writing), he tackles various timeless issues.  That’s why people... read more
Does Anybody Like Comey?

Does Anybody Like Comey?

The GOP establishment has had a tough and mixed relationship with Trump.  During the Primaries, everybody from Rubio to Romney to Ryan took jabs at him.  Yet despite every way they tried to impede Trump, he was a powerhouse that couldn’t be stopped, so with a few... read more

The Dumb Salt Shaker

Remember hearing about “smart houses” for the first time, and thinking “wow, a house where you can turn on/off all the light switches from one light board sounds pretty cool”?  You remember when smartphones came out a few years later?  Those were pretty cool too,... read more

Understanding Immigration

In the past elections in both Europe and the US, immigration has been a central political issue.  The political right has been courting votes by speaking out against these new arrivals; while this has been going on for some years now, in recent years more and more... read more