The Baldwin-Trump Feud

The Baldwin-Trump Feud

In the four to eight years of a future Trump presidency, without a doubt many comedians will take jabs at our commander in chief; even before he won the election, celebrities have been showing off their Trump impressions.  Earlier this year, Johnny Depp played him in... read more
Why Travel Boycotts Don’t Work

Why Travel Boycotts Don’t Work

Mississippi and North Carolina both recently passed laws that many have considered anti-LGBT.  This has earned the displeasure of various tourists, bloggers and celebrities, who have decided to not visit those states.  This isn’t the first time that a “travel boycott”... read more

North Korea’s Threats

As the US and South Korea begin their largest-ever military drills, North Korea has threatened “indiscriminate” nuclear strikes on the US and South Korea.  The drills in-question, Key Resolve and Foal Eagle, are an annual event that frequently generate tension, which... read more

Kadyrov, Putin’s Warrior

Chechen leader and former guerrilla commander Ramzan Kadyrov is a figure as flamboyant and polarizing as the man who sponsored him (Putin): fiercely loyal to Putin, Kadyrov has also proven problematic with his brutal tactics and threats to political opponents.  He... read more

North Korea’s Nuclear Testing

Earlier today, North Korea bragged about the “spectacular success” of its first ever hydrogen bomb test.  However, it still isn’t entirely clear if it actually happened.  The US doesn’t think it did, with White House spokesman Josh Earnest saying that the initial... read more

Star Wars and Its Influence

In the current age, fantasy and sci-fi has a major presence and influence in modern pop-culture.  Yet it can be easy for the millennial generation to forget that in their parents’ time, such a canon was hardly in the mainstream, with fantasy, sci-fi and comic books... read more

Winter Is Coming For Refugees

With the refugee crisis in Europe deepening, there are thousands of refugees across Europe that are currently homeless.  Since this influx is a fairly recent phenomenon, the elements have yet to pose a problem.  However, that could change soon; I recently came across... read more

Missiles Going Off Over Iran

As the world becomes more and more concerned about Russia’s intervention in Syria, two US military officials have said that four Russian cruise missiles launched from the Caspian Sea fell short of their Syrian targets and landed in rural Iran.  These errant strikes... read more

What to Expect in the Upcoming GOP Debate

Ahead of the second presidential primary debate tomorrow, Republican rivals are fighting with each other to seize the spotlight from Donald Trump, who is looking to find new ways to keep the attention on himself.  After rallying a huge crowd in Dallas, the billionaire... read more

The Digital Nomad

Many a Monday morning has been spent envisioning a secluded beach somewhere in Thailand, daydreaming about a lone table in a cafe in the cobbled streets of Paris or sipping a hot cup of tea on a crisp English morning.  Inevitably, however, you’re greeted back to... read more