Missiles Going Off Over Iran

As the world becomes more and more concerned about Russia’s intervention in Syria, two US military officials have said that four Russian cruise missiles launched from the Caspian Sea fell short of their Syrian targets and landed in rural Iran.  These errant strikes... read more

What to Expect in the Upcoming GOP Debate

Ahead of the second presidential primary debate tomorrow, Republican rivals are fighting with each other to seize the spotlight from Donald Trump, who is looking to find new ways to keep the attention on himself.  After rallying a huge crowd in Dallas, the billionaire... read more

The Digital Nomad

Many a Monday morning has been spent envisioning a secluded beach somewhere in Thailand, daydreaming about a lone table in a cafe in the cobbled streets of Paris or sipping a hot cup of tea on a crisp English morning.  Inevitably, however, you’re greeted back to... read more

New York’s Lost Languages

Since the beginning of time, languages have been disappearing, fading into obscurity as time, war and various other factors make them obsolete.  Often, people transition out of one language into another, either by choice or because they were forced to, which linguists... read more

Ebola Czar Named

In response to growing calls to appoint a “Czar” to lead America’s battle against Ebola, President Obama is planning to name Ron Klain, a longtime political hand who doesn’t seem to have any medical or health care background.  However, Klain isn’t completely without... read more

Siberian-American Link Discovered

It’s well-known that the American Indians and Siberian tribes share common ancestors; the ancestors of the first American Indians arrived in the Americas some 20,000 to 15,000 years ago via a land bridge that collected Alaska and Siberia, and after the land bridge was... read more

Russian-Ukrainians Plead to Russia

I recently came across a blog post about an ad campaign that Russians living in Ukraine have launched, telling the Russian government that they don’t want (or need) to be saved.  According to Putin, his intervention in Ukraine is to “protect” the country’s ethnic... read more